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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


This is the philosophy that guides me.


My life experiences have led me to believe that my generation, often referred to as Millennials, have great potential and opportunity to improve our world. We are highly educated, intrinsicly connected with the communities we build, and see a more holistic approach to the decisions that impact our quality of life.


Politics, government, and public policy influence everything around us, every day. This is why I believe it is the path toward making the positive changes the Millennial generation seeks.


Millennial leadership is social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, equality of opportunity, philanthropy, and entrepreneurial endeavour. Our approach is rooted in creative destruction toward the pursuit of bettering ourselves and our ideas, for better results. We see the challenges that face us with a new perspective of what solutions might look like.


I believe we are the change, and endeavor to contribute to and support my generation on the path forward.

Amanda Wilkie

Amanda Wilkie

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